Saturday, February 18, 2012

Send event log entries as SNMP traps

Issue: An event just showed up in my system, security or application event log that is important.  How can I be notified quickly about it?

Solution: Enable SNMP Traps for that event.
  1. Create the event (or find it in the logs) – so you have it as an example
  2. Identify three variables
    1. Event Log - System, Application or Security
    2. Log Source - eg: TermService, NTBackup
    3. Event ID - eg: 8018, 8019
  3. Run evntwin.exe (from windows\system32)
  4. Click Custom / Click Edit
  5. In the bottom left browse the event log, event log source then find the event id
  6. Just double-click the event ID & accept the defaults
  7. Click ok & you’re done
  8. Trigger the event again and it will trigger an SNMP Trap to your SNMP Server.
Note: This assumes you have a fully functioning SNMP Server to receive traps and send them as emails.  We recommend Dell's IT Assistant, especially for Dell Servers.

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