Monday, January 30, 2012

TMG 2010 SP1 Setup cannot modify or create the registry entry

q: While installing Forefront Threat Management Gateway TMG 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) TMG-KB981324-AMD64-ENU.msp we encountered this alert/error "Error: Setup cannot modify or create the registry entry System\CurrentControlSet\Service\Tcpip\Parameters" Then it threw the error "Setup was unable to configure TCP settings. As a result, Setup cannot continue."

a: Simple solution, MSP files don't have the context menu to Run as administrator like EXE files do.  So we need to be elevated before we run the MSP.
  1. Click Start - type CMD (but don't hit enter)
  2. When cmd.exe shows up in the results list, right click on it
  4. Click "Run as administrator" / Click Yes if prompted by User Account Control
  5. From here navigate to the folder where your MSP file is stored, let's say D:\Download\TMG_2010_SP1
  6. Execute the MSP file by simply hitting tab, until the name is displayed or typing the name into the prompt.
  7. TMG-KB981324-AMD64-ENU.msp

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