Friday, March 30, 2012

Assembly Cache Viewer - Install Failed - Server 2008 GAC

q: when we try to copy a .dll file into the GAC on Server 2008, we get an error.  Assembly Cache Viewer - Install Failed  / Access is denied:

a: With UAC enabled, the fastest and easiest way to install a .dll file into the Windows Server 2008 GAC is:

  1. log out.  Log back in using the actual local administrator account.
  2. open two copies of Windows Explorer (one at the location of the dll) and (one at c:\windows\assembly) 
  3. drag the file from one window to the other.


  1. Thank you. This worked perfectly. Appreciate you.

  2. Thanks, works perfectly for me.
    ...except for the part that I was using server2008. A few things to be noted:---
    First, sign in as the actual local administrator--go to Control Panel--User accounts--Click on User Accounts--Change User Account Control Settings--Pull the slider to the bottom--OK---Restart the Server

    Now drag and drop the .dll file to the Windows--Assembly folder..........

    That's it.

    1. bihari - the idea is what if you need to copy a file into the GAC & your Security Team will not let you disable UAC as your steps describe.

  3. Hi - Thanks - this worked for me but FYI - I did not need to do what bihari did on a Windows Server 2008 server.