Friday, January 27, 2012

Hide the Google People Widget Sidebar

q: How can you hide Google's People Widget and it's sidebar container?
a: Well this one is a two parter:
Part one - Disable People Widget:
  1. Within Gmail go to settings
  2. On the General Tab, scroll down to People Widget and set it to (X) Hide the people widget
  3. However, you'll notice it's sidebar is still there.

Part two - Disable/Hide the sidebar (only works for Google Chrome)
  1. Open Chrome, visit the extension site for Minimalist:
  3. Click (+ Add to Chrome) / Click Install when prompted
  4. Visit your google mail site
  5. Click on the M icon in the toolbar in the upper right / Click Dashboard
  6. Under Minimalist for Gmail / Click Enable / Then click Options
  7. On the "Main" tab at the top, Check the box next to "Hide Sidebar"
  8. Click Save Changes at the Top Right
  9. Open an email now & notice all the screen real estate you have gained.

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