Saturday, October 10, 2009

Manage Linksys Wireless Access Point WAP54g

It supposedly has an IP of but I could never get it to play right.

I reset it to factory & it changed the SSID back to Linksys.

I reviewed the DHCP logs and even went so far as to perform a ping scan across they entire /24 to which it was attach & could not find an IP for it.

Then I discovered you need the setup wizard to manage it, found on the CD.  Like 99% of other americans that cd is long gone.  I couldn't find the wizard on the Linksys support site until I just started clicking around.  This device is Version 3.1 (which isn't even an option on the support site).  I reviewed version 3.0 but only the firmware is available.

Linksys Support Version 1

Then I just thought to click on Version 1.0 - and saw the Linksys Setup Wizard right there for the taking! Unbelievable!

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