Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Install an Assembly into the GAC on Server 2008

We all know that to add a file to the GAC on server 2003, you have to have two windows open.  You have to drag from one window containing the .dll into a second window at c:\windows\assembly.

In 2008 it is a little more complicated but the same process.

1.  Open a Command Prompt as Administrator (right click, Run As Administrator).
2.  Run "explorer C:\windows\assembly".
3.  Open a new explorer window from the window which just opened (Right click -> Open whilst holding Ctrl). I did this by hopping back up to C:\windows and the navigating to my assembly in the second (new) window.
4.  Navigate in the first windows back to C:\windows\assembly.
5.  Drag and drop between the two windows.


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