Friday, July 17, 2009

PHP IIS 2k3 Server 2003 OCILogon Error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function OCILogon() in D:\wwwroot\testdb.php on line 3

We received this message on a server running Server 2003, IIS, PHP attempting to attach to an Oracle Server.

Some Prelims

1) Make a new app pool (we made one called PHP)

2) instead of an Isapi.dll simply edit the configuration (directory) on the properties of the site/virtual directory.

3) click configuration, add an extension mapping for the location of your isapi "D:\PHP\php5isapi.dll"

4) change the app pool of this site/virtual directory - to use the PHP app pool from #1.  Supposedly this allows you to right- click on the app pool, click recycle & it will reload your php.ini file without taking down everything.  In reality though, this didn't work & we still had to run (to get it to update):

net stop http /y

net start w3svc

5) Make sure PHP is in your allowed Web Service Extensions.  This script (test.php) will confirm PHP is working:

<title>PHP Test</title>
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

2) check the 6th row in the above script's output

Configuration File (php.ini) Path                C:\WINDOWS

3) This tells us PHP is looking to c:\windows for the php.ini.  The second we copied our php.ini to that folder - everything started working.

4) use this script (testdb.php) to test your oracle connection:


if ($conn=OCILogon("username", "password", "DSN")) {
echo "Successfully connected to Oracle using OCI extension.\n";
} else {
$err = OCIError();
echo "Error in connecting to the Oracle." . $err[text];

But really, the bottom line was copying the php.ini file from d:\php to c:\windows.

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