Tuesday, June 9, 2015

RD Gateway won't allow connections

q: A customer called about their new RD Gateway Server.  They had replicated all the CAPs and RAPs from the previous server but it still would not allow connections.  The error was:

The user "!@#$%^&*", on client computer "", disconnected from the following network resource: "DST_SERVERNAME". Before the user disconnected, the client transferred 44075 bytes and received 110677 bytes. The client session duration was 56 seconds. Connection protocol used: "HTTP".

a: Similar to ADFS, this solution requires an odd and rarely used group.  Add the RD Gateway Server's Active Directory Object to the "RAS and IAS Servers" Domain Local Group and then try again.  When adding the object to the group, you will have to edit the "Object Types" to include Computers.

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