Monday, September 22, 2014

Which cloud storage supports iPhone Photo Sync?

q: Which Cloud Storage service supports iPhone photo sync to backup my pictures?

a: Here is a list of the most popular ones and some notes about their features.

Name: Bitcasa
Cost:Size: Free:20GB or $100/yr:1TB
Notes: Supports automatic Sync

Name: OneDrive
Cost:Size: 15GB:Free (+3GB for mobile sync)
Notes: Supports automatic Sync

Name: Dropbox
Cost:Size: 2GB:Free (+3GB for Camera Upload) OR $10/month:1TB
Notes: Great app for sending links to albums and individual files.

Name: Plex
Cost:Size: Automatic sync and if running Plex on Roku, you can access your photos still on your iPad from the Plex app for review.(see article)

Name: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos
Cost:Size: FREE:5GB
Notes: Supports Autosync

Name: Google Drive
Cost:Size: FREE:15GB
Notes: Have to select the photos/videos individually, no automatic sync.

Name: Mega
Cost:Size: FREE:50GB
Notes: Desktop App, Mobile App and Mobile Phone sync

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