Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UniFi 2.4.5 is released

Ubiquiti Networks released an update for their UniFi Wireless Access Points.

We are very pleased with these devices.  The update appears to have fixed a number of issues we were experiencing.  The biggest of which was Android Phones couldn't connect when they were in between 2 access points.  We've configured them to host two different SSID's. One for the public network and one for private network.  Best part is, you can enable isolation on the public network SSID. This prevents mobile users connected to the public network from reach resources on the private network (and each other for that matter).

The central management is a long time coming, very intuitive, and reduces the amount of time required to change the Network Password or push out Firmware Updates.  It also has the (somewhat creepy) ability to track users as they connect to different access points while walking through the office.

Our only complaint is not being able to run the Web Interface as a service.  It appears to run as a user, who has to be logged into the server.

If you're running the UniFi devices be sure to push out this update.
If you're in the market for new Access Points be sure to check these out.

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