Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Export or Download Contents of SharePoint Site

Q: Customer came to use with a Microsoft SharePoint site that had been in use for four years.  It was full of sites and document libraries.  They wanted to export the files out of it straight into folders.
A: QuadWeb - This is a great app for this purpose and totally worth the purchase.  For less than $30 you can download the contents of most traditional websites. For this scenario we:
  1. Installed QuadWeb (works unregistered but why not throw them $30 for all the time it saves you)
  2. Enabled Basic Authentication to the internal SharePoint website
  3. Within settings, configured Authentication for the Internal URL, username and password
  4. Set Directory Structure Creation to (X) Mirror the Website
  5. Provided a Download Directory (other than the default) of a folder at the root with relaxed permissions.  Using Windows 7 x64 it had trouble writing to the Program Files subfolder.
  6. Disabled ( ) Overwrite existing files
  7. Entered the internal URL of the Website and clicked Start

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