Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dell Latitude with Windows 7 Slow to Log Off Shut Down

The customer has a few  Dell Latitude e6500's running Windows 7 64-bit.  It has a Broadcom wireless card with all the latest drivers and updates and BIOS.

They noticed it was taking a long time (close to 5 min) to shutdown or even logoff.  We tried this with positive results:
  1. Click Start - services.msc - click ok
  2. find "DW WLAN Tray Service" - stop it, then set the startup time to Manual.
  3. Reboot
Now try a logoff or shutdown.


  1. Indeed, had the same problem and after hours of troubleshooting i found that the DW Lan Service was the problem

  2. Tive o mesmo problema e resolvi desabilitando o serviço DW WLan Tray Service