Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oracle Enterprise Manager site on Server 2008 and Internet Explorer 8

After a successful install of Oracle 11g we proceeded to the Oracle Enterprise Management site hosted locally on the server.  Typically the site is https://FQDN:1158/em

Server 2008 comes with IE8 which throws two fits (1) about security (2) about certificate. Now for the fix:
  1. Click on the link "Database Control" in the Oracle Program folder
  2. You are presented with "Click here" /  "Continue" options.
  3. Click "Continue to this website".
  4. You are presented with a blank page.
  5. Double-click Internet (globe in the bottom right).
  6. Click "Trusted Sites" / Sites / Add / Close / OK.
  7. Copy the URL at the top then close IE.
    1. Right-Click on an IE Shortcut & click "Run as administrator"
    2. click in the address bar & paste the URL from above
    3. You are again presented with "Click here" /  "Continue" options
    4. Click "Continue to this website".
    5. Find the Red alert at the top and click on "Certificate Error"
    6. Click View Certificates
    7. Click the "Certification Path" tab
    8. Here you should see two certificates (one good & one with a red (x)).  Click on the top one.
    9. Click "View Certificate"
    10. Click "Install Certificate" / Next /
    11. Click  (X) Place all certificates / Browse / Trusted Root Certification Authorities / OK /
    12. Next / Finish / Yes / OK / OK / OK / Close the browser.
    13. Click on the link "Database Control" in the Oracle Program folder

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