Sunday, July 12, 2009

Google Hosted Apps Notes

I use Google Hosted Apps for my email and calendars - okay it's out there.

I also use an 8gb iPhone to manage my life.  I have it syncing with my Google Hosted Apps for calendars.  These are my notes on the process.

Update:  I've spent this morning confirming the new Color Scheme for Google Hosted Apps Calendars

  1. From what I could tell, the color assignment was previously rather random.  At one time I had three calendars with a teal color with white text that was all but unreadable.

  2. This morning I added 9 calendars (one by one) using the link above via my iPhone.

  3. After each addition I switched over to my iPhone Calendar app and documented the change.

  4. First of all - the local account appears to be Green & unchangeable.  The pattern is below- but by default you cannot deselect your own calendar (POPPY COCK).

  5. The Pattern appears to be: GREEN, RED, ORANGE, BLUE, PURPLE.

  6. You can add more calendars, but it just repeats from there.

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